The WWC Accepts the Metis Study of the Single Stop Community College Initiative

We are thrilled to share that our evaluation of Single Stop USA at the Community College of Philadelphia has been reviewed and accepted by the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) as providing evidence of the program’s effectiveness.

Single Stop supports community college students and their families by offering screening and application assistance to obtain public benefits. Single Stop also connects students and their families to wraparound services, such as tax preparation, child care, and immigration consultation through “one-stop shops” located within community colleges. Single Stop services are open to all students enrolled at the community colleges in which the program is located. Site coordinators meet with students at the local Single Stop office on campus. Students may also choose to use Single Stop software instead of visiting an on-campus office.

Based on Metis’s research, the WWC found that Single Stop has potentially positive effects on progressing in college and potentially positive effects on academic achievement for community college students. Read the full report and learn more about the studies that contributed to this rating.