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Surveys are a widely-used method of gathering data within social research. We carry out survey research projects for city and state agencies, community-based organizations, collaborative entities, colleges and universities, and nonprofit social service providers across the United States.

Metis uses a systematic approach to conducting surveys to inform social research in a wide range of program areas and sectors. Our highly customized survey research services include:

Establishing the Aims of the Research: Well-designed surveys always begin with well-defined research questions. We work closely with our clients to determine the overall purpose, goals, and objectives of the research.

Defining the Population and Sample: The population is the total audience that will receive the survey. When it’s not possible to collect data for the entire population, we develop a plan for obtaining a representative and adequate sample.

Deciding on the Survey Type: We create surveys in a wide range of forms and distribute and administer surveys using a variety of media. Our expertise includes:

  • Written Surveys
  • In-Person or Telephone Surveys
  • Online Surveys

Designing the Survey: We specialize in writing and phrasing different question types appropriate for collecting both quantifiable and qualitative data. We pilot-test our surveys with a small sub-sample of the total population to help ensure that they are valid, reliable, and free of cultural bias.

Distributing the Survey and Collecting Results: Metis creates a clear and detailed plan for where, when, how, and with whom we will conduct the survey. We determine in advance how many responses the study requires. We carefully monitor completed surveys and use different methods to increase response rates, such as email reminders, text messaging, and social media posts.

Analyzing the Data: After conducting a survey, we process, clean, and analyze the results. We bring to the analytics process strict attention to detail and strong knowledge of data management and statistics.

Let Metis Associates Help with Your Next Survey Research Project.

For additional information about Metis’s survey research services, please contact Michael Scuello.

Survey Research Case Studies

Building the Youth Thrive™ Survey

Metis helped the distinguished Center for the Study of Social Policy develop, validate, and launch their Youth Thrive™ Survey. The survey is used by youth-focused providers across the country to inform case planning and practice decisions.

Making The Arts Count In New York City

Metis helps the largest school system in the nation document annually the delivery of quality arts education for all student across approximately 1,700 public schools.

What Our Clients Say

Metis Associates brings not only the technical and research skills to carry out a project, but equally importantly, they bring content expertise, an understanding of how public systems work, and a commitment to improving outcomes for children, youth, and families. They take the time to understand the project objectives and then bring creative solutions for accomplishing it.

Susan Notkin, Executive Vice President, Center for the Study of Social Policy

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