Mission & Values

Our Mission

Team Metis walked to help end childhood cancer, raising the most for a charity in our 42-year history.

Our mission is to support public and private organizations in achieving positive results for the children, adults, families and the communities they serve.

Our Values

Metis Associates highly values its client relationships and is driven by a deep commitment to ensuring excellence in the services it provides. The firm’s guiding principles can be summarized by the following core values:

Social Justice

We believe in our clients’ missions and join them in working toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Diverse Perspectives

We value, seek out, and learn from people’s varying perspectives and lived experiences.

Relationship Longevity

We nurture strong, collegial, and long-lasting collaborations with our clients, partners, and each other.


We aim for mutual accountability, respect, and trust as the basis for our interactions with each other and with our clients.


We are highly adaptive to the needs and priorities of our clients and our staff.

High Quality Work

We bring in-depth knowledge, rigorous technical expertise, and thought leadership to our projects.

Growth-Producing Environment

We foster a workplace environment that supports ongoing learning and professional development.


We strive to cultivate fresh and creative approaches to our products and services.