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We are expert evaluators with over 40 years of experience helping programs assess if they are making a difference for children, families, or communities. Our evaluations of funded programs support continuous program improvement, replication and dissemination, and reporting activities.

Read for Trees planting party held by an afterschool provider and Metis program evaluation client. Photo Courtesy of East End Community Service Corporation.

Metis evaluators have strong technical skills in evaluation design, measurement, psychometrics, data management systems, and program implementation and fidelity. We apply these skills, tools, and methods in a wide variety of program areas and across a continuum from early learning through career readiness. Across the different content domains, we are steeped in public and private grant programs and evaluation requirements.

Program Evaluation Services

We offer a full range of program evaluation services, including:

  • Working with client grant-writing teams during the proposal stage to define strong program goals, develop measurable outcomes, and write evaluation sections
  • Determining evaluation designs and data collection methods aligned to project process objectives, outcomes, and program performance measures
  • Developing logic models, theories of change, visual results frameworks, and other evaluation-related tools
  • Assessing program fidelity, including inter-rater reliability practices
  • Conducting literature and document reviews
  • Collecting qualitative data, including focus groups, in-depth individual interviews, case studies, and program observations
  • Compiling quantitative data, including student or client outcomes, surveys, and content assessments
  • Formative reporting for program improvements
  • Performance reporting, including ad hoc, annual, and final reports required by the funding source

Let Metis Associates Help with Your Next Program Evaluation Project.

For additional information about Metis’s program evaluation services, please contact Donna Wilkens.

Program Evaluation Case Studies

Bringing HOPE to Staten Island

Following an intensive, multi-partner planning effort, the Richmond County District Attorney’s Office offered eligible substance-abuse offenders pre-arraignment diversion services. Early implementation findings suggest it is a promising approach to combatting the city’s rising opioid crisis.

Closing Opportunity and Achievement Gaps through Out-of-School Time Programs

With a deep history of supporting out-of-school-time programs nationally, Metis evaluators continue to examine how these initiatives help level the playing field for children and youth in under-resourced communities.

What Our Clients Say

Metis worked diligently to understand the complex roles of stakeholders in the Staten Island criminal justice system and the broader community, as well as the service environments. Metis offered useful insights to shape modifications to the HOPE program, with an eye towards program expansion.

Michael E. McMahon, District Attorney, Richmond County

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