New Grant Opportunity for Community Colleges

Check out this new grant program for community colleges just issued by the US Department of Labor.

The US Department of Labor recently announced a new grant opportunity for community colleges. The Strengthening Community Colleges Training Grants program (referred to as Strengthening Community Colleges or SCC) seeks to build the capacity of community colleges to collaborate with employers and the public workforce development system to meet local and regional labor market demand for a skilled workforce.

The purposes of this grant are (1) to increase the capacity and responsiveness of community colleges to address the skill development needs of employers and dislocated and unemployed workers, incumbent workers, and new entrants to the workforce; (2) to offer this spectrum of workers accelerated career pathways that enable them to gain skills and transition from unemployment to employment quickly; and (3) to address the new challenges associated with the COVID-19 health crisis that necessitate social distancing practices, expanding online and technology-enabled learning, and migrating services to a virtual environment.

The Metis grant writing team stands ready to help your community college design and win an SCC grant. Please feel free to contact Marilyn Zlotnik for more information about the SCC or any other grant.