Message from Stan Schneider, President/CEO of Metis Associates

After 45 years of service, I will be retiring from “active duty” on June 30th. While I will be stepping away from direct service, I will continue to support Metis as an active member of the Board of Directors. I am fully confident that under the combined direction of Marilyn Zlotnik (COO), Bob Harrington (CFO), the remainder of the Leadership Team, and our dedicated colleagues, Metis is well-positioned to pursue its mission without interruption.

Metis Associates began in 1977 as a personal vehicle for three social scientists. Over the past 4+ decades the company has evolved into a highly-regarded, diverse, and dedicated team of mission-driven professionals who provide data-informed insights focused on improving programs and services for underserved populations. I could not be prouder of our many accomplishments, although much more remains to be done.

So, after 45 years making a meaningful difference in the lives of the children and families served by our clients, Metis is just getting started. Onward.