Introducing Kyra Manning, Summer HS Intern

In July 2020, Metis launched its inaugural paid summer internship program for New York City high school students. Throughout this week, we are featuring each of these dynamic and talented young people and their important contributions to Metis’s work. Today, we are delighted to present Kyra Manning, a recent graduate of DeWitt Clinton High School, who is supporting the work of senior researcher Anna Minsky. We selected Kyra, and her two fellow interns, from among more than 300 who applied for the three program positions.

Kyra is helping Anna’s project team with a variety of research tasks throughout her internship. Initially, she worked on providing feedback on a set of deliverables the project team created for a community-based poverty-alleviation research project, with the end goal of compiling the deliverables into a single interactive, chronological document. Kyra is currently working on tabulating Early Childhood Assessment data for this same project and received job-embedded training on different methods of working with data using Excel. For another project focused on improving school climate in Palm Beach County, FL, Kyra helped create school-level needs assessment data reports by entering data and calculating percentage-point differences for a large set of indicators.

When asked about her summer learning experience thus far, Kyra commented, “My internship at Metis has been a great addition to my career exploration! I have learned skills like inputting data in Excel and providing feedback on a concluding project. The new skill sets I acquire will help me in deciding which career path is best for me.”