2022 MSAP Project Directors Meeting

A Metis research team will be attending the 2022 Magnet Schools Assistance Program Project Directors Meeting in Alexandria, VA on November 17-18.

The 2022 MSAP Project Directors Meeting will facilitate collaboration across the nation’s MSAP projects to share lessons learned and support new and veteran grantees’ success with program implementation. This year’s MSAP Project Directors Meeting will provide an opportunity for current and past MSAP grantees, the broader magnet community, and other school choice and diversity experts to improve practice.

The MSAP Project Directors Meeting will create a sense of community and opportunities for long-term cooperation among grantees while sharing knowledge from content experts on key magnet components such as equity and diversity, enrollment management, curriculum and instruction, partnerships, and family engagement. The Metis team is looking forward to reflecting and gaining valuable lessons learned to overcome shared challenges and adapt viable implementation strategies.