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New York City Department of Education: Office of Adult and Continuing Education: IT System Development for GED Programs

Following a competitive request-for-proposal process, Metis Associates was retained by the New York City Economic Development Corporation and New York City Small Business Services as part of the ongoing effort of the Mayor's Commission on Construction Opportunity to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to good, permanent jobs in construction. Metis's role is to conduct a Participant Tracking Study, a longitudinal study of construction apprentices enrolled in the city's apprenticeship programs. The study involves five cohorts of union and nonunion apprentices enrolled in the building trades in New York City. The first cohort of apprentices, enrolled in 2006, was surveyed in 2007 and 2008. Additional cohorts of apprentices are being added each year and surveyed in subsequent years as they continue their progress as apprentices or journeypersons.  In the first-year evaluation, the economic and financial status of the apprentices appears to have become slightly stronger and more stable. Respondents reported increases in earnings and health care coverage and also reported a slight increase in their ability to pay their mortgage and other debt.