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Evaluation of Newark Public Schools’ Safe Schools/Healthy Students Program

With assistance from Metis Associates, the Newark Public Schools obtained a $7.7 million grant to fund its Safe Schools/Healthy Students (SS/HS) initiative. The purpose of these three-year, federally funded projects is to forge community-wide coalitions of local law enforcement, mental health, and education service providers to promote resiliency and reduce risk factors among children and families in troubled neighborhoods. Metis has also provided technical assistance and now serves as the local evaluator of the initiative, which involves a collaboration of internal school departments, external agencies, and service providers in the areas of mental health, juvenile justice, police, substance-abuse treatment, and faith-based and other community-based organizations.

Metis has also evaluated Safe Schools/Healthy Students initiatives for other large, urban school districts, including Community School District 18 in Brooklyn, New York, and the Cleveland Municipal School District.