Project Updates

Metis Announces Partnership with The New York Community Trust

Metis is thrilled to announce a new partnership with The New York City Community Trust, a preeminent charitable foundation that has been funding the work of the city’s nonprofits for nearly a century.

In March 2014, The Trust selected Metis to evaluate one of its newest endeavors, The Brooke Astor Fund for New York City Education. Created through the settlement of the estate of Mrs. Astor, a committed philanthropist and lifelong avid reader, the Fund supports projects to improve the reading skills of New York City’s most disadvantaged students.

As the administrator of The Astor Fund, The Trust made six grants totaling approximately $2 million in late 2013. Selected through a competitive process, all grantees are focused on improving the reading skills of early elementary school children who go to city public schools with high concentrations of poverty. Grantees provide a variety of direct services to students, as well as school and teacher development programming. The Trust intends to award additional grants and renew successful programs over the next five years.

Metis’s external evaluation of The Astor Fund’s grantmaking will investigate the individual and collective impact of the funded programs on students, teachers, and schools. The Trust is optimistic that the findings from the evaluation will help the Fund’s outside advisory panel make informed recommendations about current and potential Astor Fund grants. At the same time, Metis will provide technical assistance to individual grantees to enhance their capacity to obtain, maintain, and use data to support program and policy decisions.

Metis is very excited to embark on what is sure to be a dynamic and fruitful collaboration with The Trust, a foundation that has a great deal of influence and impact on the lives of New York City’s neediest citizens.