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Metis Begins Audit of Baltimore County Magnet Schools

Metis Associates is pleased to announce its launch this May of a six-month audit of the Baltimore County Public Schools Magnet Programs. The district is seeking a comprehensive examination of the magnet program to ensure equity of access for all students and to promote up-to-date, high-quality programs.

Baltimore County offers more than 75 such programs in 29 schools, including 7 elementary, 7 middle, and 15 high schools. (In some large high schools, there are multiple magnet programs).

The audit will look at a variety of factors. It will assess the effectiveness of the system’s central administration, which staffs the programs, manages the application process, and conducts marketing. It will also look at equity of access in terms of admissions criteria as well as transportation and geographic issues. Finally, the audit will explore the effectiveness of magnet program implementation, which includes the level of interest in these programs on the part of students and families and the sufficiency of staffing and resources.

The Metis team, led by Metis Senior Research Associate Claire Aulicino, will conduct the audit from May through November 2013, using a mixed-method approach. Researchers will review program documentation; solicit input from stakeholders such as the district magnet team, staff, and principals; and analyze school- and student-level data. A significant component of the audit will be a series of 11 community forums that will be open to the general public so that a range of voices and opinions about the magnet programs can be taken into account.

Metis served as the external evaluator for Baltimore’s federal Magnet Schools Assistance Program grant from 2003 to 2007. That grant was used to create several middle- and high-school magnet programs that will be included in the current audit.

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