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Grant Development

Metis helped a three-district consortium in Michigan to develop, implement, and evaluate new secondary school-choice programs.

A partnership among the Mount Clemens, Utica, and Armada school districts in Macomb County, Michigan, provides rigorous academic courses to prepare students for success after high school. Metis worked with this tri-district consortium to secure a five-year Voluntary Public School Choice grant—one of just a handful awarded nationally—from the U.S. Department of Education.

Metis Associates helps educational and human-services organizations accomplish their missions by developing competitive grants to secure external funding. With a highly successful track record, our expert staff have raised more than $275 million from city, state, and federal sources on behalf of our clients that deal with education, health and human services, workforce development, and other program areas.

With years of experience as practitioners and as consultants in public education and human services, Metis staff contributions to program development reflect a solid grounding in both theory and best practices. They often carry out grant-specific needs-assessment activities to identify the priorities of the grant's prospective beneficiaries, through such methods as focus groups, surveys, and data analysis. The majority of Metis's grant-development work has been carried out for educational organizations in P-12 settings, including school districts and state education agencies.  Working in urban, rural, and suburban areas, Metis has collaborated successfully with central-office and school-based administrators, teachers, parents, and students as well as with institutions that partner with schools to offer services to students, staff, parents, or community members.

Through a collaborative approach in which relationships are nurtured over time, Metis staff members become deeply familiar with client organizations, helping them better to articulate their needs to funders and advising them on grant-seeking. Metis has also supported hundreds of organizations by designing rigorous program-evaluation plans (including the use of randomized control trials) that give them a competitive edge in the grant-seeking process. Metis offers a variety of grants-training and technical assistance programs to help our clients develop winning grants on their own. Courses include beginning and advanced grant-writing and intensive workshops on grant-related topics. Metis professionals work closely with each client to customize the training curriculum to meet the specific needs of the organization.