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Grantsmanship Training Programs

Over more than 25 years, Metis Associates has provided hundreds of grant-writing workshops, particularly for school teachers, administrators, parent coordinators, and school leadership team members throughout the New York City Public School System. Metis has also provided training for a variety of human-service organization representatives through the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Graduates of these workshops have gone on to secure hundreds of grants for their communities, after-school programs, programs for English language learners, instructional technology initiatives, and arts programs. Metis often conducts full-day, introductory grant-writing workshops customized to the needs of its clients. These workshops address the process of identifying appropriate funding sources, "best practices" in grant writing, and strategies for program planning and design.

Metis's grantsmanship trainings range from one-day workshops to semester-longer programs. They are hands-on and collaborative, modeling the grants-development process itself. They may be held at clients' worksites or at Metis's offices.

To get your customized grant development training program underway, please call Marilyn Zlotnik at 212-425-8833 or send her an email at mzlotnik@metisassoc.com.