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Leadership Team and Senior Research Scientists

Stanley Schneider

Stanley Schneider

and Senior Research Scientist

Stan Schneider has broad experience in applied research and evaluation in the areas of educational and youth programs, comprehensive community initiatives, child welfare, and anti-poverty initiatives. His professional interests include designing and managing large research projects, fostering organizational self-evaluation, and building the capacity of communities to collect and interpret data. A proud product of the New York City public schools and the City University of New York, Stan is a former public school teacher and school district director of research and evaluation. He conducted his graduate work in educational psychology at New York University and began working with Metis Associates in 1978.


Peter Jenkins

Vice President
and Chief Financial Officer

A certified public accountant, Peter Jenkins has particular expertise in financial and cost accounting and reporting. He possesses wide knowledge of computer systems to support processing and fiscal operations and has considerable experience in corporate governance, strategic and business planning, and internal auditing. He joined the Metis team in 1997.

Marilyn Zlotnik

Marilyn Zlotnik

Vice President for Strategy

Marilyn Zlotnik plays a leading role in the design and execution of Metis's strategic plan, coordinating key initiatives in the areas of marketing and business development, operations, and internal and external communications activities. Prior to assuming this role in January 2017, Marilyn served for ten years as Vice President for Development and Communications. In this capacity, she directed branding and external communications activities. In addition to her responsibilities as Vice President for Strategy, Marilyn continues to head up the grant development practice area at Metis. Since coming to Metis in 1994, Marilyn has led successful efforts that have secured more than $390 million in competitive grants for Metis clients, including school districts, institutions of higher education, state education departments, and community-based organizations, and has conducted extensive training in the area of competitive grants development.


Susanne Harnett

Managing Senior Associate,
Research and Evaluation

Susanne Harnett has more than 15 years of experience in managing large-scale program evaluations, designing and conducting qualitative and quantitative research, conducting fieldwork, and analyzing data. Her interests include literacy, arts education, school counseling, high school reform, teacher professional development, and other education-related subjects. Since joining Metis in 1999, Susanne has been the principal researcher on the evaluation of several large-scale educational initiatives in New York City and other urban school districts around the country. She holds a doctoral degree in educational psychology from the University of Virginia.


Robert Harrington

Managing Senior Associate,
Information Management

Robert Harrington leads projects in evaluation, research, information-systems development, and strategic planning for education, workforce development, and community development. A highly skilled developer of analytical databases, Bob also oversees information-system support provided to the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Family-to-Family Initiative and leads evaluation work for Living Cities: the National Community Development Initiative. Bob earned a master's of business administration degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo.


Donna Tapper

Managing Senior Associate,
Research and Evaluation

Donna Tapper has extensive experience in the formative and summative evaluation of human services and educational programs, and has worked as an applied researcher in the public and nonprofit sectors. Her interests include case studies, survey research, and policy evaluation. Since joining Metis in 1997, Donna's work has included evaluations of collaborative, youth-development, and school-to-career programs. She holds a master's degree in Latin American studies from the University of Wisconsin and has done graduate work in political science.


Donna Wilkens

Managing Senior Associate,
Research and Evaluation

Adding value to Metis's projects since 1987, Donna Wilkens has more than twenty years of experience in research, evaluation, policy analysis, program planning, and development. Specializing in the field of education, her work has concentrated on early childhood education, family literacy, charter schools, magnet schools, class-size-reduction initiatives, and teacher professional development. Since relocating in 1999 to oversee Metis's Atlanta office, Ms. Wilkens has broadened her work in human services to include the study of comprehensive community initiatives, providing evaluation technical assistance to 10 urban collaboratives as part of Metis's work for the Georgia Family Connection Partnership.

Frances Schorr

Frances L. Schorr

Senior Research Scientist

Frances Schorr has more than 20 years of experience as a researcher, evaluator, and consultant in the fields of education, comprehensive community development, and child welfare. Her interests include program development, self-evaluation, and capacity building to help communities collect, interpret, and use data to improve outcomes for children and families. Since joining Metis in 1987, she has directed projects in the areas of family literacy, adult education, comprehensive community improvement, and foster care, concentrating most recently on youth transitioning from care. She holds a doctoral degree in educational psychology from Cornell University.